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This article is somewhat of a continuation of this one, which may help with context but is not necessary to read in order to understand this one.

When Oppression From the Outside Becomes Hatred From Within

Many medical sources say transness isn’t a disorder, so why do some transgender people still disagree? The reasons go deeper than psychology


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How to avoid things like the “women and nonbinary people” trap

Source: Alex Rupp / Penn State

This is essentially a continuation of these three pieces discussing the various issues with the “pansexual” orientation label, which — while I recognize and respect that its existence was inevitable due to the early stages of societal awareness of transgender people — is largely rooted in misinformation about bisexual and transgender people. If this statement shocks you, you’re clearly new to my content, and I recommend clicking those links first. Please keep in mind that I also formerly identified as pansexual.Note: I use the phrase “self-identified pansexuals” rather than just “pansexuals” when discussing people who identify as pansexual. This…

Just because it doesn’t work out for some doesn’t mean it never works for anyone

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Illustration by Alex Yoon

Musings surrounding the infamous question: “Do transgender men have male privilege?”

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DISCLAIMER: My arguments about male privilege regarding transgender men do not apply to specifically transgender communities or adjacent spaces. This piece is similarly not an attempt to argue for the existence of any kind of “(trans)misandry.”

On what hair means to masculinity, what black hair means to white society, and what it all means to one black trans man

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A black, bisexual, nonbinary, pseudonymous “man.” He/him. Consider supporting me!

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